“My Herbal Lifestyle”

Herbal life decisions are changing the way we live and providing a better quality of life for us all.  However, the decision of what to use can be overwhelming when learning about herbal products as they relate to specific health conditions.  Dr. Jamal Robinson will...

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“I Want My Vagina Back”

Too many times, too many regrets but no more.  I Want My Vagina sparks a liberating conversation among women who have lived in shame, blame and the name game.  Author, trainer and life coach, Dr. Pam Love shares her experience and words of wisdom to restore the power...

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“What’s Your Love Language”

Love is complicated, yet simple. Love is strong, yet fragile. Love is powerful, timeless and speaks a unique language to us individually. What’s your love language and how does it show up in your life?  Soy and Brandon will discuss 5 in which one or more will relate...

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“The Power of Choice”

The Power of Choice is within you.  Everything you’ve done in your life is a reflection of the choices you have made.  Believe it or not, you really do get to decide.  In this podcast we discuss the challenges and give you back the power. Guest Tristan Gutner....

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“Adopt A Lifestyle Where Fit Happens”

A healthy lifestyle is a personal decision says Cora O'Kelley (Fitness Guru).  This Atlanta native has been a fitness professional for 22 years and teaches all types of workout classes including aerobics, kick boxing, pilates and yoga.  Get personal with Miss O’Kelley...

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“Walking Like A Giant”

Did you know that you were designed to do amazing things but world is set up for you to do the exact opposite.  It seems that most people live in misery and sometimes act out of desperation. If you want the Blue Print for walking like a giant, tune into the show. ...

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“FAFFs Tell It Like It Is”

A group of individuals living between Atlanta and Chicago have bonded in an unprecendented kind of way.  Starting out as Chicago Style Steppers, their friendship journey has blossomed into a support group and the stories they share will make you laugh, cry and most...

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