“FAFFs Tell It Like It Is”

A group of individuals living between Atlanta and Chicago have bonded in an unprecendented kind of way.  Starting out as Chicago Style Steppers, their friendship journey has blossomed into a support group and the stories they share will make you laugh, cry and most...

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“The Enemy is Inner-Me”

Life can take you on a journey of "ups and downs" and despite the location, time of year, physical space and emotional place, you sometimes feel something is not right.  Have you been self medicating and carrying toxic issues?  We're detoxing in the cafe today.  JOIN...

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Sex, Love & Intimacy: After Age 50

Certifed loveologist and nationionally recognized solution expert, Dr. Pamela Smith breaks down myths and explain the foundation for the best sex ever after age 50.  Discussions include patterns, behaviors, postions, education, verbal and non-verbal communication.  A...

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“Succeed By Default”

It’s time to stop being unsuccessful and yielding to default behaviors. Let’s take control of our lives and get to the root problem or issue.  Have you ever asked yourself , who am I, why do I keep making the same decisions in relationships and in life or why do I...

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Are You An Alpha Chick?

Mal Duane, Life Recovery Coach and bestselling author of Alpha Chick: Five Steps for Moving from Pain to Power will be in the café with Soy sharing her life experiences and explaining her commitment to empower women.  Don’t miss this dialogue, as they discuss issues...

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“The Classroom of My Life”

Keshia D. Keith was molested as a child and learned to shut down having deep seeded issues that showed up in other areas of her life.  She beleives that although we say we're ok, we're really not. She shares her life experiences with mental illness through this...

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“Let My Life Shine”

Inspire, motivate, educate, Lisa Santiago believes that women have a story to tell.  She says deep inside they know that their collection of life experiences are intended to teach and empower. She explains what to do next and teaches women how to tell their story....

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