This podcast expressed the value and need to have a tax plan. Consult with a Tax Professional early in the year and decide what your tax goal is.  i.e. money now or money later.  Also take into consideration your plans for the future,  in which you’ll need to provide your tax returns, i.e. buying a house.  This may affect how you file your taxes to qualify for loans, etc. What I like best about the information I learned during this show is that everyone is a business.  It was exciting hearing that your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews that are braiding hair, cutting grass, cleaning, or even making baskets, are relying on a skill that is tax deductible and that they may be considered as a business.  For more information, listen to the show.  Rhoda Burton (Max Tax Refund) and Joycelyn Coleman (ASAP Tax Professionals).

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