“Taking Our Lives Back”

In 2004, Nosalind "Neicy" Johnson was diagnosed with stage 3B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, and after a number of tests, it was discovered that the cancer had spreaded to her lungs, chest, neck, and under both arms. She fought hard and completed 8 months of chemotherapy. ...

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“Living Vicariously Through Me”

Bold and beautiful are inner qualities of Dominique Dow Tolliver.  On the outside she's soft, gentle and quiet but when it comes to her drive, passion and talent there's so much more to this young lady.  Grab your favorite morning beverage and eaves drop on this Chick...

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“Women Behind The Masks”

Soy reveals the mindset of women by discussing characteristics and behaviors that present themselves in social settings that disrupt the enviornment and breakdown communication.  Special guest Lucinda B. White, author of "Confessions Of A Bone Woman".  Season 9, Ep...

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“My Herbal Lifestyle, Part II”

Herbal life decisions are changing the way we live and providing a better quality of life for us all.  However, the decision of what to use can be overwhelming when learning about herbal products as they relate to specific health conditions.  Dr. Jamal Robinson...

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“Good Credit Now: Amma The CPA”

Amma Nantwi, A Certified Public Accountant is committed to providing financial literacy to every person that encounters her path.  Her passion and purpose provides education on wealth, budgeting, taxes, cashflow and credit resotoration.  In the cafe with Soy, she...

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