Unifier, Inclusive Leader & Visionary for

Corporate and Social Events

Personality and Poise “

   Soy is an empowerment speaker and master in the field of entertaining dialogue.  Well known for her interviews, debates and engaging conversation that encourages people to elude weaknesses, explore life’s possibilities and disregard personal limits. Soy’s charm, grace and charismatic personality draws one’s attention and makes her easy to talk to under the most difficult circumstances. Author, catalyst and energetic motivator speaks from a broad range of topics that unite people on one accord. She encourages individuals to dance in the rain while surviving the storms of life. 

     Soy facilitates training, seminars and hosts a variety of inclusive workshops for corporate and social events.





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    See What's Brewing with Soy

    Soy’s corporate event management experience keeps her busy with a variety of logistical projects but she’s making time to promote and launch a new message titled “Bag Lady. Soy presents a segment of materials, information and exercises strategically designed that teaches women how to identify and relate to who they are, where they are and why they are. Soy’s message and purpose is to inspire women to take back their lives and stay in control of their emotions, decisions and their destiny. For more information or to book Soy for your next event contact soylatte@live.com.

    Soy In the Community

    Soy is an inspiration and uses her platform to reach people where they are. She’s a catalyst for change and enjoys inspiring people to live on purpose. A renaissance woman and unifier. Soy enjoys skating and Chicago Style Stepping.  She devotes her talent to her social communities by bringing people together, building and restoring camaraderie  to minimize differences highlighting laugher, fun and collaboration.  Soy provides interactive game shows, panel discussions and hosts red carpet events.

    Toastmasters' International

    A proud member and active participant of District 44 Toastmasters since 2008.  Within this organization Soy found her voice and continues to deliver high energy messages that challenge people to think bigger, live bolder and pursue the goals that inspire them personally and professionally, with greater clarity, confidence and courage. As a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), she provides leadership and has served as Club President, Area Governor, Contest Master, Contest Chair, Contest Judge, Fall Conference Program Manager, D44 Ambassador,  D44 Talk Radio (Founder) and other committee roles as needed.  She’s always working to support the District behind the scenes and you can count on her energy, humor and creative ideas to make the most of every event including the smallestest detail.

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