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About Coffee Talk 

In the opening sequence of Coffee Talk With Soy, a few people are heard giving a snippet of their takes on a variety of topics shortly followed by the calming reassuring voice of Soy, “Are you ready for some hot steamy conversation?”  It’s a rhetorical question as Soy already knows that the world is ready. The platform is set for motivating discussions allowing the world permission to eaves drop on engaging and energetic conversation.  Soy’s  arrangement of interviews and enlightening show is where compelling conversation and on-air debates create a buzz.  Her liveliness and devotion to her listeners is just a couple of reasons for the hype.  When it comes to informative and entertaining dialogue, it’s a challenge to measure up with real talk, real topics on Coffee Talk with Soy, it’s a Different Kind of  Show.  Some of her past shows are available on YouTube.  

 About Soy 

Dawn “Soy” Kamara has been an inspirational leader in the Atlanta Metropolitan area for over a decade.  She began attracting attention during her battle with cancer (Lymphoma) while delivering lectures about the importance of listening to your body.  In addition to her medical challenges, she endured grief when she lost her brother, husband, new fiancé and both parents.  Her spiritual connection maintained her sanity and she believes GOD has given her a testimony on surviving the storms of life.   


Soy enjoys spending time with her family and passionately working on projects with a cause.  Her energy on and off the air has made her a people magnet. She’s never met a stranger and the proud parent of two says her journey and radio talk show has changed her life.  Her experiences and interaction with others have given her a broader perspective of our psychological, emotional and spiritual universe.  Soy believes that when people engage an energy transpires and great things happen.  She whole-heartedly lives by these principles and they are demonstrated in her delivery, performances, speeches, workshops and conversation.  Soy’s presence makes the world a better place. Book her for your next event.

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