Show Buzz

In the opening sequence of Coffee Talk With Soy, a few people are heard giving a snippet of their takes on a variety of topics shortly followed by the calming reassuring voice of Soy, “Are you ready for some hot steamy conversation?”  It’s a rhetorical question as Soy already knows that the world is ready.

The platform is then set for motivating discussions allowing the world permission to eaves drop on engaging and energetic conversation.  A master in the field of entertaining dialogue, Soy arranges weekly interviews with successful community and business leaders while working in boardrooms to provide awareness that will educate listeners of social issues that are effecting communities and destroying families.

This enlightening show is where compelling conversation and on-air debates are creating a buzz.  Her liveliness and devotion to her listeners is just a couple of reasons for the hype.  When it comes to informative and entertaining dialogue, no one in talk radio measures up with Coffee Talk with Soy,  your new morning show.


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