Fulton County was created in 1853 from the western half of DeKalb County. It was named in honor of Hamilton Fulton, a railroad official who acted as surveyor for the Western and Atlantic Railroad and also as chief engineer of the state. In 2016, the City of South Fulton (COSF)  was chartered and includes the communities of Red Oak, Cooks Crossing, Stonewall, Tell, Fife, (part of) Campbellton, Ben Hill, Sandtown, Cliftondale, and Peters Woods (a few of which were towns founded before the American Civil War).  COSF consist of 7 Districts that immediately went to work setting up the city’s Police, Fire, Parks, Planning & Zoning and Public Works departments.  The city is 90% African American and the court system is run by 8 African American women.  COSF continues to move forward with goals to forge partnerships with the community, businesses and stakeholders. Catherine Rowell, City Council, District 1 provides an update on where we stand and why the City of South Fulton is – Where You Want to Be!  www.cityofsouthfultonga.gov (Season 10, Ep 28)

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