A spark in a relationship is a very important factor. The spark is what keeps you attracted to each other, what distinguishes you from just being friends and what keeps the relationship exciting. It is a sad fact that sometimes relationships just lose this spark, fall into a rut and end.  This could be a very hard moment for anyone. Sadly, however, it is something that the majority of us are going to have to endure before we find the right partner to settle down with. Understanding how to know when a relationship is over can make the end of a relationship much easier to handle.  Ultimately you will normally have a gut feeling yourself when you feel that a relationship might be over. There are many tell tale signs a relationship is ending and although you may not be at the stage of having a gut feeling, it’s worth reviewing the points we’re going to list on this show.  If you recognize a couple then perhaps the alarm bells should start ringing.

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