I see problems as an opportunity to change myself or to change some things around me.  It’s a myth to believe that bad things happen to bad people. Actually, LIFE will happen to us all.  When I say life, I mean disappointments, setbacks, deaths, divorces, terminations, illnesses and a variety of other hiccups. Regardless of the situation, person, incident or problem, they are all opportunities. They are a chance for growth (emotional and mental).  Now, think back to some of the bigger problems that you have faced so far in your life and how you overcame them. What did you do to resolve them? Who did you ask for help? How did you feel once the problem was resolved? I believe you were different once you came out on the other side.  That difference is growth and empowerment.  The opportunity that moved you out of your comfort zone by pushing you and in return you survived.  You learned something new and solved the problem. If you continue practicing this it will become second nature to you to see all problems as opportunities. Remember, problems are not unique to you – everyone has different problems that they need to resolve. So, think about how you will grow by solving each problem and be grateful for the strength and wisdom you will use to overcome it.

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