Stories like that of Marisa Alexander, a Florida mother who was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing a single warning shot, to protect herself from an act of domestic violence are unfortunately not as random as one would think. Sophia Andrade shares an eerily similar story about her experiences within an abusive relationship where domestic violence took place. Specifically, the issues she encountered with the law when she tried to defend herself. Not long after battling to clear her name, eventually the courts dismissed the charges; she claimed another victory by getting her mugshot removed. Her courage to defend herself within the relationship and with the justice system should give anyone who is or has dealt with similar circumstances hope.  Sophia founder of “Reclaim Our Dignity” (R.O.D.), a nonprofit organization advocating on the behalf of individuals who find themselves physically, emotionally, or financially victimized by unscrupulous persons. The organization offers continuous moral support while bringing public awareness to companies that profit from advertising an individual’s mug shot.  ROD is an advocate for victims rights.  Find out more about Sophia Andrade as she shares her story, her fight to reclaim her dignity and the fight for others.  A show you don’t want to miss.

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