Soy interviews Dainhen Butler who served 10 years in prison after committing armed robbery at a grocery store with his friends. He ended up serving most of his 10 year sentence at Alto State Prison in Georgia and was then transferred to finish his time out at Lee Arrendale State Prison. Dainhen is open to discussing the specific actions and thoughts on the night he committed his last robbery and how it has affected the rest of his life.  He uses his story as motivation and has written books to help others learn from his past experiences.  Not many black men have the opportunity to sit down and actually explain their past actions and consequences like Dainhen as he was able to put his story in a documentary.  This documentary is said to be a gateway for understanding for other black men and the surrounding issues that has labeled them criminals.  Dainhen refuses to become another statistic and this time around he’s making a difference.  “The Alto Adjustment Documentary”  A real life story about modification, fluctuation and correction.

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