Conscious rap is a category of hip-hop culture that builds awareness and instills knowledge. These artists usually speak against violence, drug use and other social ills. It’s built on the idea that social change is brought on through knowledge of self and personal discovery.

There was a time when the hardest emcees gave the world an enlightening song: Ice Cube—Us; Geto Boys—Crooked Officer; X-Clan—Funkin’ Lesson; Tupac—Keep Ya Head Up. Lately, the subject matter in most rap lyrics are far from inspiring.

There is, however a new movement on the horizon— Larry “Lak” Henderson’s Smart Music Movement is bringing back the days when rap lyrics penetrated and motivated young minds and strengthened communities at the roots. Henderson is here set the stage and revitalize awareness in rap. Conscious rap is well rested and ready for a second wind. 

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